Voice Talent Services by Thomas Sullinger

This is where the friendly tone is temporarily suspended to make room for the nasty legal-type stuff. I don't enjoy legalese, but I enjoy surprises in the course of business far less. For a printable version you can also save, click here.

Policies Stamp


Information submitted through forms on this website, email correspondence, or phone correspondence will not be shared with, or distributed to, third-party organizations without consent of the originating party. For post-production policies, continue reading.

Payment information gathered through mailed checks, phone correspondence or this website will not be shared with third-party organizations.

Use of Demos

I provide demos on this website. I also send demos, through email correspondence, for distribution as necessary. The demos are to remain intact and not altered, in any way, without my consent.


After an invoice for any number of jobs has been issued, payment is accepted by way of two methods: Check by mail or credit/debit card over the phone. An invoice will be sent with the finished production file(s).

Payment is billed on a net-30 basis. This means the due date of payment is 30 days from the issue date of the invoice(s). If other arrangements are agreed upon, in writing, those terms will be respected. If payment of an invoice is not received by the end of the net-30 period, an additional 50% of the unpaid invoice amount(s) will be billed, and a new invoice will be submitted. At the discretion of TS Narrations, any job or quote may be subject to an up-front payment of 50% of the total. In this case, payment of the initial invoice is to be delivered before work begins.

Invoices are sent as itemized invoices. Submitted scripts are billed as received production. Multiple :30 scripts are not billed as a :60 or :90 spot.


Phonetics for multiple-pronunciation words must be provided with the script. If you want "data" pronounced "DAY-tuh" instead of "DA-tuh", please state so during script submission. If I submit a recording pronouncing "route" as "rowt", but you wanted it pronounced as "root", an additional fee of 75% will be charged for re-cutting the script. I strive to research correct pronunciation of unfamiliar words. If possible, I will ask you about words I am unsure of. If a seemingly common word has an unusual pronunciation as used in your script (ex: some city names, spoh-KAN vs. spoh-KANE, Washington), please let me know the correct pronunciation during script submission. If a re-cut is requested because I was not made aware of local pronunciation, an additional 75% will be charged for the additional recording.

I am happy to follow any direction you wish to give to guarantee quality. If I misinterpret your instructions, there is no fee for an additional recording to correct my mistake. If you change your instructions after a recording has been submitted, an additional fee of 75% will be charged to record it in accordance with the revised instructions. Similarly, a post-production script revision will result in an additional 75% fee.

Obtaining Finished Recordings

If size permits, the finished recordings (or Dropbox links to the files) will be delivered via email. To transfer larger files, you will be given login access to TS Narrations’ FTP site. From there, the recording(s) can be downloaded using any open-source FTP client.