Voice Talent Services by Thomas Sullinger
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I am Thomas, the "TS" of TS Narrations.

I would wager that, at this point, you are wondering why you should hire me over another talent. First and foremost, I thoroughly enjoy standing in front of my microphone reading scripts clients send me. Some would probably go as far as to call it a passion. I have performed various voice overs for companies in Arkansas (where I am from), Texas (where I live), Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Nevada...along with some webcasts streaming internationally.


Since 2009, I have been recording monologues for various clients, for various uses, for various markets. The joy in this industry comes from not only recording the words I receive through my email, but also establishing ongoing professional relationships with clients. I enjoy the whole process--even the numerous cold calls that may only serve to land my demo in an inbox folder somewhere.


The most rewarding aspect of what I do is customer satisfaction. When I can provide a service in a way that results in a happy, returning client--that is where I get my satisfaction. To accommodate this, I try to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. You send me a project; I record it; you receive the files; payment is made; you are able to complete your project...how does it get easier? If I find an easier way, I will implement it. My current Terms and Conditions can be found on the Policies page.


Now, let's move on to project turnaround. I own my studio, so I don't have to wait for studio time or add the fee to the final price. Win. In nine cases out of 10, I can guarantee the recording will be waiting in your inbox the next business day, if not sooner. I have, on occasion, received an emergency call to record a spot at midnight, so I don't simply "clock out" when the NYSE closes. Win. I also offer a phone patch and other live listening options (such as Source Connect Now), which means you can listen in on a recording session to give real-time direction. This can also be scheduled after-hours. Win. So much Win!


In fewer words, I have no satisfaction without your satisfaction...and I have the means to make it happen. So, hire me for your next project! You won't regret it.